In this article, I have implemented string trim model binder which would allow every post request to be processed and convert string field values to a trimmed string. Basically, it will remove leading and trailing spaces from a string.

What is Custom Model Binding?

Model binding allows controller actions to work directly with model types (passed in as method arguments), rather than HTTP requests. Mapping between incoming request data and application models is handled by model binders. Developers can extend the built-in model binding functionality by implementing custom model binders. (Reference: Microsoft documentation - Custom Model Binding in ASP.NET …

In this article, I will explain steps to create Azure Blob Storage Trigger to execute Azure Function. The Blob storage trigger starts Azure Function when a new file is uploaded. The Blob (uploaded file) contents are provided as input to the function. Azure Function reads the file content and map it to the XML format DTO. Ultimately it creates new XML document using DTO and Blob Storage output binding is configured to post generated XML files to another Blob storage container.

Why doing this Serverless?

Serverless computing is a model, which provides developers with multi-functioning tools, allowing to create top-notch…

I completed my AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional Certification exam with 936 score last week. I will say it is one of the most challenging and requires a lot of in-depth knowledge about integrating AWS services and automating everything. I thought it would be useful to share my experience, learning material and few observations from the exam. Hopefully, it will help someone who is preparing for the exam.

To start, I will say, take a good AWS DevOps Professional courses (Stéphane Mark is my favorite) to build your foundation strong. Also, Practice exams are a must. As they say…

Organisations all over the world are looking to migrate business applications into the cloud to take advantage of the many benefits it provides. The productivity and security benefit an organisation can gain from having all its apps in a cloud platform such as Azure AD can be a game-changer.

What is Azure Active Directory?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution. It is a centralized identity provider in the cloud. Microsoft identity platform simplifies authorization and authentication for application developers by providing identity as a service, with support for industry-standard protocols such…

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